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Spa use 9 in 1 facial rejuvenation hyperbaric water oxygen skin care machine
Functions: Oxygen Spray Multi-Function Machine
Handles: 9 handles
Model Number: SPA9D
Product Detail
Product Description

Newest product microdermabrasion machine skin rejuvenation with pure oxygen mask

Product detail

Functional principle

1.Oxygen injection

If the skin lacks oxygen, the metabolism will slow down and it will be sensitive, thus accelerating the skin aging, and many problems such as sallow complexion, dark spots, wrinkles, etc., even destroy the balance of oil secretion, dull skin or acne, etc. . Oxygen injection equipment is mainly to solve the problem of skin hypoxia. It is mainly through the oxygen injection tool, applying appropriate and limited pressure, using pure oxygen to inject the active ingredient into the bottom layer of the skin, and then transmitting the pure oxygen to the depth through the pulse type. Deep in the skin.

2.Principle: Warming and biochemical effects, to achieve detoxification, wrinkle, tighten, lift, fade spots, eliminate the effect of eye bags and dark circles. Stable effect

2.Ultrasonic working principle
1). The mechanical action of ultrasound is to soften the tissue, enhance penetration, increase metabolism, promote blood circulation, and stimulate the function of the nervous system and cells.
2). Warming effect can cause blood circulation to flourish by causing changes in vascular function and metabolic process. It is a function of lowering the nerve excitability point and causing pain, which makes the skin of the sputum loose and has a function of relieving phlegm.
3). Ultrasonic has the function of strengthening catalysis, accelerating metabolism, changing the pH value to alkaline, and using drugs to increase bacteria's bactericidal ability.
4)Function: introduction, promote product absorption, have a role of compaction
3.RF (radio frequency)
Concept: Radio frequency reaches the deep layer of the skin, generates heat, and promotes collagen regeneration, achieving the effect of firming and wrinkle removal.
Using the high-efficiency thermal energy conduction of electric waves, the energy reaches the deep layer of the skin, so that the collagen tissue naturally produces an immediate contraction under the thermal energy of 45-60 degrees, so that the collagen continues to proliferate and undergo an orderly reorganization, tightening the skin, filling Flat wrinkles, regain skin's firmness and smoothness
Features: Firming wrinkle effect is very obvious, beauty first choice.
Effect: After treatment, you can see the skin tightening and improvement. The fine wrinkles are improved. After a course of treatment, the skin is smooth and fair, the skin is tightened obviously, and the wrinkles are improved. The effect is best after 2-6 months of treatment. The RF high-frequency peeler treatment can immediately tighten the existing collagen tissue and continue to promote the production of new collagen tissue within six months after treatment. The effect of the RF high-frequency peeler can last for 3 to 5 years.
BIO wrinkle removal simulat the biological current issued by the brain, supported with a professional operation technique to lift up skin with different levels speed up the skin's blood circulation, increase metabolism and promote skin cell regeneration and repair of collagen to help restore the skin's natural elasticity.
Red light power 635nm red light can improve the skin's blood system and lymphatic system microcirculation, stimulate intracellular mitochondrial activity, the specific wavelength of red light can convert light energy into cell energy, neutralize free genes generated in cells, stimulate fiber The cells produce collagen, which can remove wrinkles and emollients from the inside of the skin, and specializes in dermal spots, freckles and chloasma.
5.Shovel skin
Principle: It uses physical therapy to provide safe and effective health care based on the characteristics of human skin. The shovel head decomposes and derivates the toxins and dregs in the pores with a rapid vibration of 25,000 times per second. Frequent use of shrinkable pores, firming skin, diminishing pigmentation, smoothing wrinkles, restoring your skin to health and elasticity, and youthful radiance. It is safer and has a longer life with low voltage supply.
1. Clean the dead skin and remove the skin residue.
2. It can remove the bad substances such as oil stains and aged cuticles in the skin surface and capillary pores.
3, the skin texture is improved and improved, the skin is bright, white and healthy.
4, nutrient introduction, toxin export, wrinkle and skin rejuvenation, make the skin younger.
5, composite beauty color light can repair damaged cells, accelerate the penetration of skin care products in clean face.
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